Academic Publications

“Successful Research Supervision: Advising Students Doing Research” offers a research-based practical framework for academics to be able to examine and further develop their effectiveness as research supervisors. Published in 2012 in London and New York by Routledge.

Anne has been commissioned to write several reports on various aspects of education and was a regular contributor to ‘The Times’.  Her scholarly work includes:

Lee A (2018 in press) How can we develop supervisors for the modern doctorate?  Studies in Higher Education.

Lee A (2018) ‘Setting up frameworks’ and ‘Five approaches to supporting students writing in English as an additional language’  in Carter S and Laurs D (Eds) ‘Developing Research Writing’ Routledge. Abingdon and New York.

Lee A & Murray R (2015) Supervising writing: helping postgraduate students develop as researchers.  Innovations in Education and Teaching International.  52.5 pp 558-570

Lee A (2014) in Carter S & Laurs D ‘Developing Generic Support for Doctoral Students’ Abingdon, Routledge.

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Lee, A (2013) Are our doctoral programmes doing what we think they are?  Journal of Public Policy and Management Vol 33 Issue 2 2013

Lee, A (2013) What makes a really good support programme for part-time lecturers in Higher Education? in Beaton F and Gilbert A (Eds) Developing Effective Part-time Teachers in HE.  London and New York.  Routledge.

Lee, A (2012) The future of post-graduate education – a briefing document.  London.  Westminster Higher Education Forum

Lee, A  (2010) Developments in postgraduate education and their implications for research supervision.  In Research-Teaching Linkages: Practice & Policy.  Cork. National Academy for the Integration of Research and Teaching and Learning (NAIRTL).

Lee, A (2010) New Approaches to Doctoral Supervision: implications for educational developers.  London. SEDA. 11.2

Lee, A (2010) Pitt J, Lee A, Griffiths B (2010) Higher Education without Academics?   London SEDA 11.2

Lee, A and Pettigrove M (2010) Preparing to Teach in Higher Education. Lichfield. UKCGE (available at to UKCGE members here

Lee, A (2009) Some Implications of European Initiatives for Doctoral Supervision. Published in Froment, E., Kohler, J., Purser, L., & Wilson, L. (Eds.). EUA Bologna Handbook. Making Bologna Work.

Lee, A (2009) Teaching Masters programmes and Doctoral supervision: at the boundary of research and teaching.  Conference proceedings for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference.  London 2008

Lee, A (2009) The postdoctoral researcher – aiming high. An initial survey of the literature.  Commissioned review for Vitae UK (CRAC)

Lee, A (2008) Supervisory teams – making them work Series 2 No 6 in ‘Issues in Postgraduate Education’ London. Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE).

Lee, A (2008)  How are doctoral students supervised?  Concepts of research supervision.  Studies in Higher Education  33 (4) pp267-281  (An early version of this article is available from Surrey Scholars Online). 

Lee, A. (2007a). Developing Effective Supervisors’ Concepts of Research Supervision. South African Journal of Higher Education, 21 (4) 680-693

Lee A (2007b)  Personal Development Planning and the Economics Tribe. International Review of Economics Education  (6) 1.

Lee A (2007c) How Can a Mentor Support Experiential Learning?  Journal of Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry . Sage   12 (3) pp 333-340 

Lee A (2006) Can you recognise a good facilitator when you see one?  Educational Developments.  Issue 7 (3) July  London SEDA.

Burden P and Lee A (2006) Personal Development Planning: A Resources Guide for Academic Staff Guildford. University of Surrey.

Edited highlights from one of Anne’s workshops held in Denmark are available:

The introduction is 14 minutes
and the keynote is 35 minutes.

Dr Anne Lee. Consultancy. Formerly at the University of Surrey. Academic Development. Doctoral Supervision.