Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring

Anne has been involved in coaching and mentoring several groups of professionals, including academics, for a variety of reasons: professional development, handling difficult colleagues; developing teaching and learning skills and managing people.  As Head of Training and Development at J P Morgan, Anne created a highly regarded programme to develop the next generation of leaders.

This involved co-ordinating input on the issues facing large organisations over the coming decade and creating learning sets to make proposals about how to position different parts of the business.  This approach, combined with a constant monitoring to develop self-awareness, created an exciting and committed cadre of leaders.  It was followed by undertaking consultancy contracts for a number of organisations.

Anne has published on mentoring (see http://epubs.surrey.ac.uk/info_sci/4/ ) and for five years (with a fellow former Headmistress) ran a company called ‘Next Chapter Ltd’ which offered careers counselling and coaching.

You can contact Anne at Dr.Anne.Lee@outlook.com to ask for further information.

Dr Anne Lee. Consultancy. Formerly at the University of Surrey. Academic Development. Doctoral Supervision.