Effective Doctoral Supervision

Anne has co-edited a book with Professor Rob Bongaardt on ‘The Future of Doctoral Research‘ it will be published by Routledge early in 2021 and includes contributions from authors around the world.

Anne has conducted research into effective supervision and led programmes and seminars for supervisors and research students in the UK, USA and in northern Europe.   She is currently  researching case studies to illuminate international developments in doctoral education.  Her work with outstanding supervisors and advisors has been published by Routledge in 2019 in a practical guide Successful Research Supervision’.

At the same time she also published a companion book for postgraduate research students ‘Successful Research Projects‘.

One example of a tool she has introduced to research supervisors and candidates is here. To use ‘Establishing a good relationship from the beginning’ she recommends that both student and supervisor complete a copy individually and then discuss their results. The purpose is to expose and resolve differences before they become a difficulty.  (There are further versions that can be used at different stages during the doctorate and a version that can be used for leadership development.) 


Dr Lee is also well-known for her conference key note presentations  and has also had invitations to speak, lead seminars both online and face to face for universities around the world.

You can contact her to discuss what might be suitable for your research supervisors at: Dr.Anne.Lee@outlook.com

There are several publications available and links to some of them can be found on the page ‘Academic Publications’.

Dr Anne Lee. Consultancy. Formerly at the University of Surrey. Academic Development. Doctoral Supervision.